Haynes PT Institute


The Haynes Method of Neuromuscular Dry Needling® seminar certification series is a three part program with course 1 being two days, courses 2 and 3 being three days, including the certification exam and practical if the participant has completed all three components.

During the series of courses we teach over 200 specific muscle groupings, 79 tendon-ligament, and 21 tenosynovium techniques on each side of the body as well as 87 diagnosis or injury specific protocols and 35 peri/epineural protocols. For the 2020 course offering that now totals 420 specific Dry Needling interventions across all 3 courses.

The the Haynes Method starts with a course that covers the principles and history of dry needling, safety practices, functional anatomy and palpation labs as well as labs incorporating dry needling in the muscles and tissues outlined in the syllabus and identified in the labs.

The second and third courses explore specific treatment protocols developed for treatment in the axial, appendicular and in regional junctional zones for the upper body and then the lower body.

At the conclusion of course two or three, those participants who have successfully completed the three courses and wish to demonstrate advanced clinical competency can sit for both a written and practical examination which, upon successful completion, will lead to a certification in Haynes Method of Neuromuscular Dry Needling®.

We are dedicated to increasing the proficiency of Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants (currently in Texas only) in the practice of dry needling in the treatment in the majority of the conditions that we have previously treated with other modalities and manual techniques. This course series teaches not only advanced dry needling techniques and provides certification to those attendees who prove competence through written and practical examination, we also provide the structure for the supervising Physical Therapist the ability to have a Physical Therapy Assistant continue with dry needling treatment using established protocols that will meet the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners criteria for assuring that a PTA has the competencies required to perform any technique or procedure, including dry needling. It is recommended that the PT/PTA team undergo the same training and certification to ensure that competency can be demonstrated to meet that requirement.

Our courses are very interactive requiring that each participant engage as both the clinician and the subject. You will need to experience dry needling each of the muscles, structures and protocols from both sides of the needle. Plan to dress in comfortable clothing that will allow access to all areas of the spine, upper and lower extremities including in the junctional zones. Each participant should be prepared to dress down to shorts and women should wear bras with a rear closure to allow access to the scapulothoracic region. We are all trained in proper draping techniques and will be using those skills to ensure modesty.